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Casting Technology in the present age has moved towards homogeneity. There is little difference between the technology and materials adopted worlwide. The competition lies mostly in how to lower cost,develope inovative products and how to archieve finer techniques and better quality control etc.

Mechanized operation not only can produce finer cast work, it can also ensure the standardization of quality. The company has constantly acquired has state-of-the art and high efficiency mechanical equipment from overseas. Meanwhile it also introduced advanced casting technology and others from overseas into its production line, bidding farewell to the days when a master's personal techniques were greatly depended on.

The company has lately incorporated the latest technology into the production management, such as using computers to proccess materials, analyze and carry out pre-production planning. In the casting Industry, the only way to upgrade the quality to international levels is to continuously accept the concept of "innovation".

In addition to stringent quality control, our engineers also place great emphasis on the requirements of our client on casting. In spite of the fact that there are many variations in cast works, our experiences engineers together with a team of skillfull technicians equipped with the technology provided are able to achieve our "client-oriented" objective.

Over the years, the company has won the good reputation of delevering goods on schedule. We have a perfect and well planned production proccess. With the extra help from mechanized operations and highly efficient management , we are able to complete our work on schedule and therefore gain the trust of our client.